Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers


Plate Heat Exchangers


CA-HVAC offers plate heat exchangers that are ISO 9001 certified and hold Forms H and H1 Certification under the PED 97/23/EC Accreditation Scheme for heat exhangers and reassembled units.


Plates are formed from a range of materials, mainly stainless steel, but titanium is recommended for aggressive fluids such as swimming pool and seawater applications. Special alloys can also be selected on the basis of compatibility with fluids used by the customer.


Gaskets are fitted depending upon the temperature of the fluid, with NBR used on temperatures up to 120°C, EPDM up to 150°C and FKM for use on temperatures up to 220°C. Our frames are generally made from carbon steel such as P355NH and P355NL. Tie rods are formed in A193B7. We can offer AISI 304 or 316 on request. Tappings can be threaded, welded, flanged or prepared for flanging.


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Brazed Plates

Packaged Plates

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